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  • To be accessible to all Mississippi utility and telecommunication customers and address their questions, concerns, needs, and suggestions.
  • To ensure tools and resources are in place to strengthen cyber-security defenses against the possibility of any attack on the grid.
  • Support to diversify fuel sources to protect against fuel supply shortages and potential price spikes.
  • Encourage emergency plans in the event of severe weather and work toward statewide collaboration between the utility sectors.
  • Look to sources of fuel in Mississippi which provides local jobs and reduces costs by lowering
    transmission fees.
  • Take Mississippi into an energy independent era which will protect customers from the possibility of blackouts and power outages.
  • Continue the efforts for statewide broadband for all Mississippi customers, but in a more economical and efficient manner.

Thank you for your vote. We will work to ensure that we are accessible to each one of you over the next four years! Once again thank you.

  Wayne Carr


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